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​Laundromat with Wash & Fold Drop Off Laundry Service in Anchorage

Dondees Laundry has a thriving drop off laundry service. There are better things to do than washing your own clothes. People ask where is a drop off laundry near me or a wash and fold service near me. If you're in Anchorage, let Dondees Laundry wash, dry, and fold your laundry. Our wash and fold is $2.00 a pound and there is a $20 minimum order.

Our wash and fold laundry service uses commercial grade detergent which works much better than the detergent you can get in our local stores. We use commercial softener and bleach upon request. Your clothes are folded and placed in bags and collared shirts are hung up and bagged. Our wash and fold laundry service is very professional and saves you time. We do an outstanding job and take pride in our work.

We call our wash and fold service, the four-minute wash. It takes you two minutes to drop off your clothes and two minutes to pick it up. And you have the day free to do something you want to do! Reclaim your time by trying out our wash and fold laundry service.